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About RFD-TV The Ranch

Stretching almost 3,000 acres, RFD-TV The Ranch is unlike anywhere else in America.

History of the RFD-TV The Ranch

Prior to becoming RFD-TV The Ranch, the ranch was owned and operated by long-time radio personality Don Imus and his family.  Founded in 1999, the ranch served as a charitable organization that sought to provide children suffering from cancer and serious blood diseases with an experience of living life on a functioning cattle ranch. Don and his wife, Deirdre, offered the camp free of charge, to build up the child's self-confidence and sense of accomplishment, in the company of similar children facing serious illness.



RFD-TV The Ranch - About RFD-TV The Ranch
In the magnificent fierce morning of New Mexico, one sprang awake, a new part of the soul woke up suddenly, and the old world gave way to a new

-D.H. Lawrence

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